Methylstenbolone: Double Your Strength & Size in Weeks (With No Side Effects)

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Methylstenbolone compared to Superdrol & Anadrol: The Research

“How to build ripped, shredded muscle fast without any fat.”


MethylStenbolone (or M-Sten) is a powerful and extremely potent compound that has people in the steroid literally turned upside down.


  • Methylstenbolone is being called the “new superdrol.”¬†Compared to Superdrol, Methylstenbolone is¬†more anabolic, rapidly increasing muscle size, density and strength.
  • When it comes to muscle building potential, methylstenbolone outranks some of the most powerful steroids including Anadrol, Dianabol as well as any other OTC designer available.
  • Methylstenbolone doesn’t convert to estrogen! Gyno, bloating, and loss of libido are no longer a worry.
  • Methylstenbolone produces rapid results. You will truly begin to feel like a super human.

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Methylstenbolone Cycle | Results

Methylstenbolone is typically recommend in cycles of 4 weeks, with a dose of 10mg two times daily.

I first took M-Sten by Ironmaglabs just a few weeks ago and it was by far the most potent prohormone. Your strength will soar, you will put on size rapidly, and you feel invincible.

Most people gain 10-12lbs lean mass in just four week while taking M-Sten.

The thing I love most about methylstenbolone are the pumps.

There are a number of Methylstenbolone prohormones available including Ultradrol, Mega-Sten & Stenadrol, but in my opinion the best one currently out is M-Sten RX by Ironmaglabs.

I gained about 12lbs on the stuff at easily doubled my strength.

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  1. Hi, i’m going to buy legal steroids, what do you think about prohormones? Worth a try? I saw decca at online store, does it work like illegal deca durabolin? Don’t want to spam links here, just search in goolge for – prohormones factory – and tell me what do you think about legal steroids they provide.

    1. Thanks for the comment Andrew –

      Prohormones do work, but they tend to be harder on the liver. Methylstenbolone is one of the strongest prohormones there are currently. That’s why I recommend M-STEN by Ironmaglabs – use code name Turkey to get 25% off for black Friday!

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